Teacher 4.0

comprehensive method of implementation of Industry 4.0 concept into didactic practice in primary and secondary schools

About the project

Rapid digitalization and Industry 4.0 processes, which we are now witnessing in many spheres of life(not only in advanced industry), has created a great challenge for educational systems and their most important representatives, teachers. EU has started to adjust their policy and took many initiatives to support the implementation of new technologies. The Teacher4.0 project concentrates on Industry 4.0 didactic competence of teachers of non-IT subjects. This competence, due to development of technology, became the key competence in today’s world.

The general objective of Teacher4.0 is to strengthen and acquisition of new professional skills and knowledge related to concept of Industry 4.0 and affiliated technologies among Teachers teaching non-IT subjects in primary and secondary schools.

To achieve these, the following specific objectives are foreseen in the project:

  • Specific Objective 1: To extend and develop Non-IT subjects teachers competences needed for effective teaching in Industry 4.0 context;
  • Specific Objective 2: To support the implementation of Industry 4.0 didactic possibilities in primary and secondary schools programs.
  • Specific Objective 3: To strength the capacity of Non-IT subjects teachers to develop pupils’ critical thinking and creativity through integration of innovative approaches into teaching process

Main results

  • Enchiridion 4.0 for Non-IT subjects teachers

Enchiridion 4.0 will be mobile-enabled learning environment for Non-IT subjects teachers. It will deliver Industry 4.0 courses tailored to the specifics of teachers didactic requirements, allowing them to develop their professional skills and knowledge. Enchiridion 4.0 will consist of two main parts:

  1. Enchiridion 4.0 program – the aim is to define framework the for developing of the training modules. Additionally this program is devoted to developing of teachers competences in the field of implementation of the most relevant elements of Industry 4.0 in educational programs.
  2. Enchiridion 4.0 learning environment – this output will consist of 6 modules:
  • Augmented reality as a real alternative to analog didactic materials,
  • Cloud Computing as the main source of information,
  • Cybersecurity in the classroom and after school,
  • Digital Twin – a new way of presentation,
  • Collaborative Robots does not have to be expensive,
  • Artificial Intelligence as your classmate.

Didactic materials that have been created so far were related only to selected areas of Industry 4.0, without including them into a coherent course. Also they did not take into account specific nature of the end-users. Our modules are to facilitate and enrich Non-IT subjects teachers work, and also increase the accessibility to them, making them available on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Nowadays phones are no longer used just for making voice calls – with their help, people can also improve their knowledge, which is why m-learning courses will be developed for compatibility with mobile devices and will be available on smartphones and support the most popular systems (Android and iOS).